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hello there

Miss Dik

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-Your name: manal
-Age: 22 years
-Occupation: i study
-Where you live: algeria
-Hobbies & hobbies: there are no identities until my mom recovers from illness
-How did you find out about our community: from facebook
-What made you join our community: first of all before I start introducing myself and why I created an account here, I first wanted to thank this community for giving me the accepted and join you I've been interested in trying it but I mostly didn't check the community servers until I decided to see it myself 🙂 alright. Let's get started.

My name is manal, I'm born in algeria  I'm currently 22 years of age and I'm a Junior Student,the University. that's all the basic information that you should at least know. 
I was with another forum called
cs club net that was closed for a specific reason so far I don't know why....... I was a management assistant for almost 3 years.
In the fourth year, he joined another forum called
arabian gaming, I was moderators, but after less than a year it was closed.
And the year 2022 I am connected with you

-What is your favorite game: CS 1.6 
-Steam ON / OFF: OFF 
-Give us a note communities: It's really cool I don't want to leave it
-Which server in the community do you like ?: ZE ZP DD2
-A picture of you (optional): yes



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