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Forum Regulations


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Not allowed:


Advertising of any kind. (1 warn or ban depending on the case)

Posting links adf.ly/bit.ly/goo.gl etc. (1 warn)

Posting referrer or affiliate links. (1 warn)

Registration of multiple accounts. (ban on all accounts)

Recording with obscene / vulgar names. (ban) Vulgar language. (1 warn / or ban if the person continues.)

Posting pornographic material. (1 warn)

Offtopic. (1 warn) Attack on the person. (1 warn)

Post content that does not belong to you without the author's specification. (1 warn and delete post)

Titles like "Help", "Look here", "Who helps me too" etc. (1 warn and delete post)

Posting pirated material such as music, movies, series, games or programs. (1 warn and delete post)

Promoting a site / personal help (clicks, likes, refs, views) (1 warn and delete post)

Consecutive multiple posting at intervals of less than 24 hours. (1 warn and delete multiple post)

1 warn lasts 15 days

3 warn in case of degree on forum -1 or remove from function

5 warns = ban for a minimum period of 30 days / permanently

ATTENTION !!, it is NOT allowed to request accesses (Grades / functions) the answer will be indirectly your rejection from the staff.

UP / Down is done at the end of each month by a Owner .

To report a rule violation, use the Report feature. Avoid spam, do not receive moderators by the number of posts.

Profile rules:

Advertising is prohibited in the profile, member title, avatar or signature fields. (1 warn or ban depending on the case)

Pornographic avatars / signatures are prohibited. (1 warn or avatar restriction and / or signature) It is forbidden to add in the title of the rankings on the forum such as "Administrator", "Moderator" etc. (1 warn or member title restriction)

Private messaging rules:

Advertising is prohibited. (1 warn, private message restriction or ban as appropriate)

Do not request moderation through private messaging.

Don't ask for penalties for other users through private messaging, use the Report function.

                                                                                                      CHAT FORUM REGULATIONS

1. Socialization and relationships between members

1.1. You are not allowed to quarrel with each other, regardless of degree. [bAN 24H]

1.2. Chat is to perform a free chat without making 1000 topics.

1.3. Do not attempt to offend a member or engage in racist behavior. [bAN 48H + 2 WARNS]

2. Shouts and their contents

2.1. Chat posts must be made in a maximum of 3 consecutive replies. (Exceptions: Founders, Administrators). [bAN 24H]

2.2. You are only allowed to post videos or pictures via spoiler [bAN 24H]

2.3. Messages must not in any form contain vulgar language. [bAN 48H]

2.4. Links accepted in the chat are only those from the community area and / or sites that cannot contain advertising (Tumblr, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc.) [bAN 24H]

2.5. Excessive use of the Caps Lock key is prohibited. (Exceptions: Founders, Administrators). [bAN 24H]

2.6. Excessive colored writing (maximum 3 words are allowed) and enlarged font are prohibited. (Exceptions: Founders, Administrators). [bAN 24H]

3. Other rules

3.1. You can discuss any topic, within the limits of common sense.

3.2. You have no restrictions on posting other than the above rules.

ATTENTION: Whoever does not respect what is written in the regulation will be sanctioned according to it.

ATTENTION: Owners are the only ones who have the right to edit / modify a regulation on the forum.

!! Certain sections of the forum may have their own rules that complement the general rules. By registering on the forum you agree to these regulations. !!


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