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[Propunere] Group Mention


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  • Nume: Group Mention
  • Descriere propunere / sugestie: sa fie adaugata functia Group Mention. Aceasta functie, poate mentiona in orice topic un grum de membrii (cei ce detin un grad anume) 
    Ex: @Founters @Super-Moderators @Moderators, iar cei ce detin gradele respective vor primi o notificare cu privire la faptul ca u fost mentionati intr-un topic. 
  • Cu ce ar putea ajuta comunitatea?: Dezvoltare, crearea anunturilor mai complexe, si evidentierea numelor celor care nu pot fi 'taguiti' in topicuri (cei ce au caractere copy-paste de pe alte site-uri).
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Ayy, shawty, ayy, darlin'
Ayy, baby girl, suck my private
Close your eyes, it's just me and you and nobody
Ayy, suck it sideways, if we in public or the driveway (hey)

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Pro e o ideie buna

  • I love it 2


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