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  1. nick: // XGC | CYRIL //

    rank: GFX DESIGNER

    period: i dont know the period but atleast 1-2 weeks

    reason: i am a professional esports pubg mobile player from pakistan and recently pubg is banned in my country so due to that issue i have to contact some PTA members regarding this situation and it will take me some time . THANKYOU

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  2. some new creations : t5KbNtU.gifZK11ewy.gif2F3hJo3.gif

    till now i have only created these few pics , avatars or what ever you say

    Până acum am creat doar aceste câteva fotografii, avatare sau ce spuneți vreodată


  3. Nickname:// XGC | CYRIL //
    Experienta in Photoshop: 3 luni
    Portofoliu:nu am
    Un avatar cu dimensiunile 150x250 cu urmatorul stock: 
    O semnatura cu dimensiunile 350x180 cu urmatorul render: 
    O creatie pentru Blackgames (banner, afis, logo, etc.):
    Programul folosit[CS5 / CS6 / CC / etc.]:CS6

    jXhBFN7 - Imgur-2.gif

    jXhBFN7 - Imgur-1.gif

    jXhBFN7 - Imgur.gif

    BDebcEo - Imgur-1.gif

    My Post-1.png

    My Post-2.png

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