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  1. doresc sa se schimbe tot la server din CSGOX in REDDEVIL
  2. nu mi s-a pus gametracker-u si cererea dns : GameTracker : https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ si cererea dns :
  3. Nick : @OreoFantoma, cu @AlexRes Contact owner (Y!M) : FB : Mattox Danut si ALEX RES : FB: Alex Res Moderatori categorie : eu cu @AlexRes Sub-Forumuri: [CSGOX] Regulament [CSGOX] Anunturi Administrative [CSGOX] Cereri Admin (si niste sub-forumuri cu Admin, Upgrade, Slot). [CSGOX] Staff List [CSGOX] Staff Only(cu o parola, parola mi-o dati mie in privat). [CSGOX] BanList [CSGOX] Avantaje VIP [CSGOX] Reclamatii DNS+Link cerere DNS : Link Gametracker
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