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  1. xYx

    unban , xYx

    sigh.. i posted in the wrong area again, my bad
  2. Ban Information Name: xyx IP: Reason: aim Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: [TNR]`N3v3r^MynD Admin SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1692003120 Didnt give me enough time, https://imgur.com/a/IKUF1cb
  3. xYx

    unban , xYx

    Your name: xYx Who banned you ?: [TNR]`N3v3r^MynD Unique ID: STEAM_1:0:1692003120 Details: asked for screenshots but didnt give me enough time, by the time i got them i was already banned Reason: aim? Proof: https://imgur.com/a/IKUF1cb can you PLEASE stop asking me for screenshots or a wg test on every game session? you already asked me before and i gave u
  4. xYx

    Bad behavior

    Name: Yanal or xYx or @xYx Suspect:@Robert@TNR Robert_Ciocan (I cant remove the first tag for some reason..) Reason: Unfit behavior for a server manager Details & Evidence: Mr. Robert is not taking my words seriously and I suspect that he isn't even reading them properly. he also has been making sarcastic remarks to me even though I was respectful to him. Related steam accounts:- The one that got banned: https://steamcommunity.com/id/_xYx/ The one that I got the chance to prove with wg: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198124612627 I hope my input was sufficient, and if you have any other requirements, please let me know.
  5. It seems that you're not reading what I've written. I clearly stated that I didn't understand what you asked for, but you were too focused on the game to notice my inquiries, and I had to join a team to get your attention. I don't think that you are capable of holding a proper argument due to your prejudice. Thus, I will seek help from more reasonable people.
  6. Hello, my name is Yanal codenamed (xYx) ive been playing on cs 1.6 server called TINERII.BLACKGAMES.RO#CAUTAM ADMINI. there's an admin that is named robert, he suspected that im not clean, and asked me to do a wg test, I tried asking him multiple times what is wg but he ignored me until i joined the game and killed him, he banned me because i didnt do what he wanted, but i didnt even know what he wanted, after i got banned i checked the internet on what is a wg test, and it seems that its a cheat test. unfortunately i cant download it because im in a gaming center that doesnt allow access to the pc files, i may ask the gaming center to allow me to open the windows for a short while but naturally he wont allow me to download anything on a pc. Im 25 years old, and ive been playing cs series since cs 1.1, im playing through steam, the only cheats i used is gta VC cheat codes, even if i did want to cheat, i wont risk to use any cheat to have my account banned and naturally im not an amateur at the game, i also play cs go and my current rank is global elite. during my game session i have knifed robert and killed him some rounds back to back, I think that before banning someone he should at least spectate me or at least talk, but i think that his frustration got the better of him. please tell him to think rationally and be more understanding if you can talk to him, and if you can, please unban me because i love this server
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