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    1. Server boostat : AIM.BLACKGAMES.ro Dovadă : https://ibb.co/bdp6d9m ip : Succes.
    2. Fa ți cont adevărat și după faci cerere admin.
    3. Nick:@Costin Admin rank :Helper Reward or Sanction:Remove Reason :Inactivitate
    4. Nick:GTI Admin rank :Helper Reward or Sanction:Remove Reason :Inactivitate
    5. Nick: @NUSUNTANDREI Admin rank :Administrator Reward or Sanction:Promoted Moderator Reason:Activitaty
    6. Upgrade / Downgrade / Remove Admins will be give according to: Activity on server Activity on forum Activity on banlist Rules violations MODEL UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE/REMOVE Nick: Admin rank : Reward or Sanction: Reason : INFO Each admin can propose another admin for upgrade/downgrade or remove in the admins only section. When a admin accumulating 3 warnings, remove will be granted.
    7. Felicitarii,ai fost promovat la Moderator ! Bafta !
    8. Acceptat Te invit pe serverul nostru de discord ! https://discord.gg/TAadpxkr
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