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    1. In zona asta te-as ruga sa nu actionezi nu sunt romanii toti asa ca nu stiu ei de war si etc PRO
    2. ai un Pro si de la mine !!
    3. Rejected. You not have 40 hours on the server.apply again in 7 weeks. Idem!
    4. Kent10


      an admin request must contain! "Request admin your game name" and you put mohamad! REJECT!
    5. please put a picture of what appears in the console when you try to enter the server
    6. Kent10

      cerere slot Rias.

      salutare am rezolvat aseara problema cu tine . , slotul momentan e Suspendat , atat timp cat tu esti inregistrat altcineva nu poate intra pe user-ul tau daca nu stie parola !
    7. come back in 14 days when you have at least 20 hours
    8. against! because you speak badly on the server, come back in 7 days with a new request, but in these 7 days I would like to see you every day on ts3!
    9. pentru a primi admin te rog sa intri pe ts.blackgames.ro canal ZC !
    10. Kent10

      Cerere admin Hades

      Te astept pe ts3 deseara dupa ora 20:00 ( RO )
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